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•Web Design/Development
•Custom Programming (all languages)
•Database Development
•E-Commerce /Verisign Security
•Custom Administrative Functions
•Mailing List Management Systems / Mailing Label Wizard
•Newsletter Management/Distribution/Design Wizard
•Financial Online Reports
•Event Calendars
•Gift Registry System with email guest list invitations
•Organization Management Systems -- Membership registration, dues, newsletters, mailing list, voting systems
•Personnel Management & Personnel Agency Systems
•City/Resort Guide Database Management System
•Symposium Management Systems & Abstract/Manuscript/Judging Systems
•Hosting, Maintenance
•Online Marketing
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•1-Stop Authoring & Development
•Video Optimized/Compressed for CD/DVD/WEB
•Script Writing •Voice-over Narration
•Music/Audio Engineering & Enhancement
•Recording Phone-Interview Technology CD/WEB
•Special Effects, 2-D/3-D Animation/Logos
•Flash & Macromedia Director Expertise
•Expertise in Financial Reports on CD:
•Integration with Powerpoint, PDF, Excel, etc.
•Searchable Database Integration
•Fully Interactive & Cross-platform Auto-run CDs
•Game & Software Development
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•2-D & 3-D Modeling
•Animation for CDs/DVDs
•Logo Fly-Throughs
•Custom Logo Animations
•Animated processes for instructional use
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•Logo / Corporate ID / Icon
•User Interface Design
•Collateral, Brochures, Catalogs
•Annual Reports
•Newspaper/Magazine Ads
•2-D & 3-D Illustrations
•Indoor and Outdoor Signage
•Poster, Trade Show Display
•Packaging Design
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•Fortune 200 Companies Experienced Shop
•We have worked with the world’s most renowned brands and new start-up companies.
•We provide assistance with branding, corporate ID, packaging, point of sale, trade show displays, promotional planning campaign development and search engine strategies and optimization
•Event marketing.


•Chinese language Advertising & Marketing
•Chinese to English / English to Chinese
•Bi-lingual Advertising Copywriters
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Welcome to our virtual office of JS Enterprises. We create effective, high quality marketing campaigns -- designing and producing superior graphics and multimedia for the World Wide Web, electronic and traditional applications. Our work is seen, heard, and most importantly, interacted with, on the Web, CD-ROMs, DVDs, TV, movie screens, billboards and packaging, working with some of the world's best known corporations, organizations and even as consultants for other web design firms and world renowned advertising agencies.

Our marketing experience is what separates us from today's "tech-only" shops. And, although we were pioneers in web and multimedia technology, we never forget our roots: solid marketing and advertising know how and truly understanding branding strategies. Less tech-oriented shops use our technology-savy service to help them achieve their high tech goals. But our most loyal clients most appreciate our level of marketing awareness that only comes with years of working with major international brands and along side teams of the world's best professional brand builders. Today's trend towards understanding the consumer is not new at all. But today's technologies make monitoring consumer activities, tastes and buying habits more easily accomplished. This gives us the ability to develop accurately focused advertising campaigns on a modest budget.

JS Enterprises, with its brick and mortar advertising creative services honed on Madison Avenue in the 1970s and '80s, began emphasizing electronic media in the early 1990s, long before the first book on HTML had ever been published. We were asked to publish one, and asked to appear at numerous seminars on utilizing the Web as a new and exciting advertising and publishing media. We were ridiculed more than once for the first animated graphics we introduced on the Web, but politely replied, "Maybe one day everyone will use animations on the Web..." Shortly thereafter Microsoft Corporation paid us to use several of our Web-based animations in their TV ads touting the Web as tomorrow's communication media.
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JS Enterprises
JS Enterprises is proud to sponsor the International Soccer Cybertour and has done so
since 1993.
Our soccer animations appeared in the earliest Microsoft TV commercials touting
the value of the Internet. We believe that the Internet and positive international cultural exchanges,
such as those brought about by international youth soccer, will make our world a better place for
generations to come. Let us know if you have any ideas about this website.



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