CD, DVD Authoring and Development

Interactive, multimedia CD and DVD promotions are very effective, and
no one is better qualified to author and develop them than JS Enterprises.

Thank you for your interest in our Interactive CD creative services. We have prepared
a very detailed overview of these services, samples of CD Development and DC
Authoring Projects, client testimonial and, of course, a lot more info about
JS Enterprises/ award winning creative services.

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Interactive CD, DVD, Video
creative services include:

Design, authoring, development
Script/Copy Writing
Voice-over narration including talent acquisition
Video: story-board, shooting, non-linear editing
Video optimized/compressed for CD, DVD/Web
Music, audio engineering and enhancement
Flash and Macromedia Director experts
Recorded phone interview technology for CD/web
Searchable database on CD or web-linked
2-D and 3-D Animation and Logo fly-throughs
Integration w/Powerpoint, PDF, Excel
Scientific/financial data CDs
Cross-platform, PC, Mac or both, w/autorun
Touch Screen Kiosk Design