Company Promo
Interactive CD/DVD Authoring and Development:

JS Enterprises is a top resource for authoring an interactive company promo. We can author, design
and develop interactive multimedia CD/DVD and company promo that is very effective and
makes money for you. No one is better qualified to author and develop a company promo
than JS Enterprises. We specialize in video, audio, animation, and database linked CDs.

Thank you for your interest in an interactive company promo. We have prepared
a very detailed overview of these services, samples of company promo development and CD
authoring projects, client testimonial and, of course, a lot more info about
JS Enterprises/ award winning creative services.

Design, authoring, development
Script/Copy Writing
Voice-over narration including talent acquisition
Video: story-board, shooting, non-linear editing
Video optimized/compressed for CD, DVD/Web
Music, audio engineering and enhancement
Flash and Macromedia Director experts
Recorded phone interview technology for CD/web
Searchable database on CD or web-linked
2-D and 3-D Animation and Logo fly-throughs
Integration w/Powerpoint, PDF, Excel
Scientific/financial data CDs
Cross-platform, PC, Mac or both, w/autorun
Touch Screen Kiosk Design

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