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"JS Enterprises creative marketing has consistently helped us sell more product faster, than ever before, and trouble shoot poor selling product performance... "
– Holly Marcus, Daon Corporation, Carlsbad, CA

Utilizing statistical data and market awareness to arrive at effective marketing strategies was harder years ago, and we still employed it back then. Today, with the all the powerful marketing analysis tools available to us, instantly, the results are dramatic! Stir in a dash of creativity and viola!

Our marketing services have promoted and branded giants such as Cinemax, HBO, MGM, United Artists, IBM, Merck & Company, Coopers & Lybrand, PBS, Philips, Sesame Street, etc., and put start ups on the map.

Marketing Services Include:

Overall promotional campaign strategies
SEO Optimization
Customer Acquisition
Search Engine Marketing
Advertising Viral Game Promotions
Browser Based Custom Sponsored Game Development
Online Marketing Agency Services
AdWords and Adsense Consulting
Viral Marketing