JS Enterprises creates effective, high quality animation and animated interactive components for television, TV Commercials, TV Stations, Film Industry, Web Pages, Youtube, Video Games, Animated Billboards, Animated Stadium Signs, Kiosks and DVDs. Although we stay at the forefront of technology, we never forget our roots in entertainment, marketing and advertising animation. That combination makes us very unique. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you to achieve all your Cybergoals.


American Peptide Society
American Peptide Symposium
American Chemical Society
Best RV
BCED Development
Broadmoor Homes
Birds Eye Foods
Chatspace Software
Childrens' Television Workshop
Coopers & Lybrand
Cottonwood Development
Daon Corporation
Empower Media Marketing
EOS International
Fairway Homes
Flannery Company Textbooks
Forward Ventures
Frog Street Press
Genstar Homes
Great American
General Foods

HBO Productions
Hole In the Wall Old Time Photos
Home Free Home Care Solution
Hoveworks Cinema Helicopters
In Pursuit of Chocolate
Intelligent Office
Internet Marketing Research (IMR)
Impressions In Ink Printing
Kraft Foods
La Cresta
Long Beach Transit
Marcus Ambrose Law Firm
Merck Sharp and Dohme
Mist Mirage Airbrush Cosmetics
New York Philamonic
Ocean Enterprises
Pace Global

Project Resources,Inc.
PureFlo Drinking Water
Phillips Corporation
Ruben H. Fleet Science Center
San Diego Symphony
Seaside Oregon Visitors Bureau
Sesame Street
Sunburst Homes
Sunwest Homes
Supertraders Stock Trading Resources
Sweet Ch'i Press
Time Inc.
United Artists
United Negro College Fund
Warner Brothers



2D Animation & 3D Animation Modeling
Animated Television Commercial Production, CDs/DVDs,
Cinema and the Web
Children Activity Book Design Traditional through animated and interactive
Animation for Television, CDs/DVDs,
Cinema and the Web

•Logo Fly-Throughs
•Custom Logo Animations
Animation for Game Development
•Animated processes for instructional use
Flash Game Developer - Advertise in a game
•Outsource Animation
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•Our rare combination of decades of traditional and online multimedia entertainment and marketing experience makes JS Enterprises a resource not only for responsive websites, but websites that people respond to as well.
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•Script Writing
•Voice-over Narration
Music/Audio Engineering & Enhancement
•Special Effects, 2-D/3-D Animation/Logos
•Animation and interactive for Game & Software Development
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•Logo / Corporate ID / Icon -- of course, animated or still
User Interface Design UI Design Icon Development and UI Logistics
•2-D & 3-D Illustrations
•Animated Indoor and Outdoor Signage
•Poster, Trade Show Display
•Packaging Design
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•Viral Marketing Strategies
•Marketing with some of the world’s most renowned brands and new start-up companies.
•We animete your marketing, branding, corporate ID, packaging, point of sale, trade show displays, promotional planning campaign development all search engine strategies and SEO / Search Engine Optimization-effective
•Adwords Consulting
Advertising Game Development
•Event marketing.


•Chinese language Advertising & Marketing Animation and TV Commercials
•Chinese to English / English to Chinese Multimedia
•Bi-lingual Advertising Copywriters and Voice Over Actors
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JS Enterprises began its love of animation long before Windows and Macs became the amazingly powerful tools they are today. We create animated and interactive components that are the building blocks for effective, high quality marketing campaigns, for television, film, World Wide Web, all electronic media. Our animations and interactive creationshave appeared in print, film and video, worldwide, since the mid-1980s. Our work is seen, heard, and most importantly, interacted with by real people. THEY themselves animate, but they are only successful if they animate the audience or end-user by bringing them important messages and compelling people to action on the Web, DVDs, TV, movie screens, video games, animated billboards and more. We have worked with some of the world's best known corporations, organizations and often as consultants for public relation firms, advertising agencies, and advertising and entertainment industry studios. Our ability to achieve the bottom line, increase sales, get results, and create fresh, distinctive approaches, tailoring the style to the needs of our clients, is what sets us apart from the crowd.

Our marketing experience is what distinguishes us from today's "tech-only" shops. Branding And, although we were pioneers in web and multimedia technology, we never forget our roots: entertainment, marketing, advertising know how and a true understanding of branding strategies.

JS Enterprises began emphasizing electronic media in the early 1990s, long before the first book on HTML was published. We were asked to appear at numerous seminars on utilizing the Web as a new and exciting advertising and publishing media. We were ridiculed more than once for introducing the first animated graphics on the Web, but politely replied, "Maybe one day everyone will use animations on the Web..." Shortly thereafter Microsoft Corporation paid us to use several of our Web-based animations in their TV ads touting the Web as tomorrow's communication media. Disney used our services to promote their movies. Sumner Redstone, founder of Viacom, contacted our founder, John Salerno to share thoughts on the potential for all of this new cyber-territory for entertainment. "Cybergoals"

We never forget our roots in creative thinking. Hence the well worn pencil in our logo. The other end of that pencil has changed over the years from serial to firewire to eSata to whatever the future brings. That combination makes us unique. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and, as a team, achieve all your Cybergoals.
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•1-STOP FULL SERVICE: Creative resource for your 2D and 3D animation needs
•INTERACTIVE: Integrating animation with Web/CD/DVD/database/video seamless integration and results
•TECHNOLOGY: Ahead of the crowd and knowing what works effectively in the real world
•MARKETING: Advertising expertise with major companies and start-ups helps us create branding-aware interactive and animated components
•BRANDING: Years of experience with Fortune 500 company branding
•QUALITY: A passion for and commitment to excellence
•CUSTOMER SERVICE: Dedication to customer satisfaction
•DIVERSITY IN STYLE: Design to the needs, market profile not our personal taste
•DIVERSITY IN SKILLS: Combined talent and experience in different disciplines for effective bottom line results

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