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"JS Enterprises helps our company produce animated Television Commercials that are cost effective and have the same quality as commercial costing many times more. They deliver more for less. Their creative teamwork style makes it feel as if we have our own animators on staff !"
– Frank Maris, Internet Marketing Research

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Animated TV Commercials are effective tools to uniquely brand your products and services in a memorable and compelling way. Historically, animated TV Commercials are expensive to produce. Our customers are surprised to discover how cost effective our animated television ads are. And many of our customers came to us after trying to outsource overseas, only to discover that there often is no true savings when they consider the added fees for re-doing work because instructions were not communicated well, lower quality standards, surprise hidden fees, difficulties in communications, and time zone inconveniences. Our prices are no higher than what most people wind up paying when they complete an animation project in India, for instance, except that we are here for you, we understand you, and we work as a creatiev team in a fun, pleasant, effective and communicative manner, as if we were down the hall. It makes the end product a LOT better!

We prosper from long term relationships. We will do everything possible to make us a pleasure to work with and make your relationship with JS Enterprises profitable and pleasurable for YOU!