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Interactive Video CDs or DVDs

"JS Enterprises handled every facet of our corporate video CD, design through production, and delivered an impressively successful sales tool."
– Eve Toles, GM, Flannery Company

1. Pureflo Drinking Water, a San Diego based company founded in 1958, was interested in expanding their "in office" commercial service. Being one of the first to utilize the "No Spill" system of replacing a water bottle, we decided to capture the process on video and make it available on a CD or business card CD for distribution by mail or handed out to potential commercial customers by route drivers.

The CD contains easily navigated sections featuring convenience of the no spil versus easily spilled water replacement system; the quality of the drinking water; the tradition of service by Pureflo and the use of technology to bring deliveries to customers on time and cost effectively and how simple it is to "Switch to Pure Flo". The CD allows the end user to purchase the "Switch to Pureflo" in a click, see the current selection of crocks and cooler styles (live via the Web), see water testing results and quality and cost comparisons.

2. PureFlo company overview CD was created to show the company from a business perspective on a B2B level. This CD also featured a lot of video that is easily navigated, so there's no feeling of being stuck in the middle of a video seeing something your not interested in. You can always jump to a section that interests you, interact with the web, rewind, etc.

3. Flannery Company, a Los Angeles area based national text book distributor, wanted a promotional CD that captured their uniqueness in an increasingly competitive marketplace. They have so much to be proud of: A half century of commitment to customer support, a track record of standing behind their service, an on-line system for purchasing textbooks, buyback of textbooks, a wholesale division, retail division and a lot of different programs available for customers to choose from.
Interactive CD, DVD, Video and Kiosk
creative services include:

Video Interactive CD
Database CD
Scientific,Financial Report CD
Event/Conference AV Presentation CD
Corporate B2B Promotional CD or DVD
Touch Screen Kiosk Interactive Presentation
Design, authoring, development
Script and Copy Writing
Voice-over narration including talent acquisition
Video: story-board, shooting, non-linear editing
Video optimized and compressed for CD, DVD/Web
Music, audio engineering and enhancement
Flash and Macromedia Director experts
Recorded phone interview technology for CD or web
Searchable database on CD or web-linked
2-D and 3-D Animation and Logo fly-throughs
Integration w/Powerpoint, PDF, Excel, etc.
Cross-platform, PC, Mac or both, with autorun