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Scientific, Financial Reporting CDs

"Saved us all a lot of time and provided the end-user electronic, interactive files as well as search and calculating functions..."
– Forward Ventures is a La Jolla, CA based venture fund.

Forward Ventures is a La Jolla, California venture fund focused on global life science investment. They had been enlisting the services of everyone on the office 4 times a year or more to put together a 2-inch thick binder filled with print outs of Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint printed material, printed Microsoft Word files, printed pdf files. The book was handed out to investment partners to keep them abreast of the status of their projects. The logistics involved with printing, collating and checking each book monopolized the time of highly skilled personnel who were always needed elsewhere at the same time.

We produced for them a CD that included the entire contents of the previous binder, but all in interactive form. The files on the CD could all be accessed via an intuitive graphical interface and would instantly open an actual Excell file in which the user was free to run some calulation on there own, each file was easily searched for detailed of interest, and the process was removed from their already too-heavy responsibility list.

The CD was designed to automatically search for current financial files which made quarterly updates a breeze.
Interactive CD, DVD, Video and Kiosk
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Scientific,Financial Report CD
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Integration w/Powerpoint, PDF, Excel, etc.
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