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Forward Ventures Partnership Meeting CD: Forward Ventures is a La Jolla, California venture fund focused on global life science investment. They had been planning a 2-day conference and partners meeting. The funded companies were to attend and make presntations for all the investors and other companies to share. Over 16 hours of speeches, Powerpoint slideshows, introductions, video clips all nneded to be archived and easily navigated for future reference of attendees.

We produced for them a 2-CD set that included the entire contents of the Partners' Meeting. Every powerpoint slide was synchronized with the speaker, a headshot of the speaker, a volume control slider, the ability to jump to any slide backwards and forwards. The usefulness of the CD set, from a practical perspective, exceeded the original live meeting, and guests were able to continue to "attend" the meeting, review the scientific data, view again the videos (at the meeting the videos sometimes started late, but on the CD they are always right there for you!), and relive the event at their convenience.
Interactive CD, DVD, Video and Kiosk
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